Associate Quality Assurance Technician


Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Part-Time Requiring 16-25 hours per week


Less than 10%

Company Introduction 

EII combines more than 30 years of mailroom experience with over 20 years of postal automation design experience to develop solutions that work for mailers of all sizes. EII’s mission is to develop practical products that work in the real world and to provide service after the sale that is second to none. 

Job Overview

The purpose of the job is to ensure the quality of the software the customers receive. Ensure the software and the machine components function as a collective unit. Give detail accounts of bugs found to assist the Software team in fixing the bug. As needed, guide Support in helping a customer’s software bug. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Manager of Quality Assurance, the duties and responsibilities of the Associate Quality Assurance Technician  include:

  • Read and Understand the card to create an Acceptance Test and Regression Tests
  • Follow process for testing Directories and Label Lists
  • Prepare the VM environment and test cards not Merged into the Master branch of code
  • Smoke test the Patch release to ensure everything functions as expected once it’s been wrapped into the Patch
  • Ensure the machine components and software work together

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • High standards of quality and accuracy
  • Extremely task-oriented
  • Ability to gather all necessary information to make an informed decision
  • Strong follow-through on delegated tasks and assignments
  • Concerned for getting work done on time and correctly
  • Ability to organize information and give a detailed account of the situation to others
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