Automating fulfillment and delivery can help retailers compete in e-commerce

12:52pm on Monday 11th June 2018

In today’s age of increasing competition, advancing technology and growing customer demands, retailers need to consider automating their fulfillment and delivery function sooner than later. “Automation tools let retails process orders with greater efficiency and flexibility” Don Caddy says. “It’s the only way they can compete in this constantly evolving – and often unpredictable – e-commerce landscape.”

Read the rest of Internet Retailer’s June 2018 Sponsored Tech Focus Report to see how merchants are working to meet demands and find out how Engineering Innovation can help retailers be more efficient. Discover more about how the Chameleon Parcel-Processing Solution can help automate your e-commerce fulfillment operation here.



Changing Fulfillment Volumes?

Patent Awarded for Revolutionary Mail Sorting Technology

12:18pm on Thursday 8th March 2018

Engineering Innovation is excited to announce our newly awarded patent for our revolutionary Dynamic Sort mail sorting process. First introduced in 2007, this technology dynamically sorts flats to large numbers of destinations in a single pass. This enhanced Automation mail sorting process significantly reduces the time and cost associated with sorting and processing flats.

U.S. Patent 9,827,598 B2 for a

Innovative Mail Sorting Technology

Engineering Innovation introduced Dynamic Sort at the National Postal Forum in the spring of 2007.  This innovative process revolutionized the mail sorting industry by creating an automated First Class mail preparation technique which finalizes the mailing in parallel with running a single pass on their EZ Flats system.  This MLOCR-based EZ Flats solution produces a bundle-based automated First Class mailing at a fraction of the cost of traditional flats sorting machines.

EZ Flats users achieve impressive discount levels for automated First Class mailers of all sizes.  By eliminating additional passes through the automated sorting system, overall handling is reduced and throughput is increased significantly.

Dynamic Sort reduces handling and increases throughput when processing First Class flats.Dynamic Sort Process

EZ Flats Dynamic Sort features automated pockets, an automated label applicator, and a patented software-based, sorting methodology for the most cost-efficient processing of First Class flats.  

Dynamic Sort identifies the tenth piece for bundle-based processing as it is read by the OCR, and then dynamically reassigns the routing designation for the maximum discount. This greatly reduces the amount of time required to bundle and containerize the mailing at the end of the run.  In addition, Dynamic Sort provides a road map for correctly packaging the mail to meet USPS requirements.

Ron Robbins, the patent’s author, stated, “Real-time parallel processing is at the heart of the EZ Flats concept, eliminating the need for secondary passes.  Dynamic Sort accelerates this capability and greatly reduces the amount of time you need to bundle and containerize your mail.” 

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about how Engineering Innovation’s EZ-Flats Systems can earn you the maximum discounts on First Class flats, give us a call at 800.350.6450 ext. 4110, or send us an email at Please view our EZ-Flats video by going to


Engineering Innovation introduces LightSort to the Reverse Logistics Industry

9:37am on Wednesday 17th January 2018

Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) announced that it is introducing its LightSort parcel sorting solution to the reverse logistics industry at the RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, February 6-8, 2018. Clark Cassell, head of business development, said, “LightSort is a great fit for companies wanting to apply simple and cost effective automation for returns processing.” Engineering Innovation received the 2017 Innovation and Digital Award by the United States Postal service for the solution.

Eii initially designed LightSort for a consolidator wanting to both increase throughput and reduce errors while sorting lightweight parcels and poly bags for induction to the U.S. Postal Service. The customer also wanted a system that was both flexible and mobile so that changing sorting configurations was quick and easy.

LightSort accomplishes this with a modular sorting rack that features several bin locations outfitted for sacks or shelf stacking. When the sorter scans a barcode on a package, the correct bin destination “lights up.” Guesswork is eliminated and sorters can get the package to the right location every time.

In the returns environment Cassell said, “Like incoming inventory, having a barcode on the return label is the best way to making automation work in Receiving. With LightSort, you scan incoming packages and quickly place them into a rack location for later re-location in the operation. The key is taking out the guesswork, reducing error and rapid sorting.”

The solution’s ease of use begins with quick assembly and intuitive operator training. For operations that have ongoing changes in sorting requirements, racks can be moved around in differing arrangements and bin locations instantly re-designated with new sort plans. Any number of racks can be integrated into a sorting system, and the racks can be designed to handle a large variety of merchandise. Existing racks can also be retrofitted with the technology.

LightSort features a wireless ring scanner that’s integral to the solution’s success. It allows for hands-free operation and barcodes can be sorted from any angle. Another key attribute is the organization of bags into the bin locations. Up to ten bags can be preloaded into each location. When a bag is full, the operator can quickly unhook it, push it out the back and lift the next one into place.

With LightSort, Eii has once again shown that throwing more automation at a problem isn’t always the optimal approach, especially if that automation is prohibitively expensive. LightSort leverages low cost technology, giving operators the opportunity to do their job more quickly with greatly reduced error and less stress.

For more information on the LightSort and to see a short video, click here.

To learn more about RLA Conference & Expo visit

You can also call 800-350-6450, extension 4110, or email

Engineering Innovation, Inc. honored with USPS award at the 2017 National Postal Forum.

5:04pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017

NPF Group PhotoEngineering Innovation (Eii) was awarded the USPS Mailing Innovation and Digital Award for the Great Lakes Area. The award was presented by Postmaster General Megan Brennan at the 2017 National Postal Forum. The National Postal Forum, the largest annual trade show for the mailing industry, is a four-day event held every spring. It attracts over 4,000 industry professionals from USPS executives, leaders of the mailing and shipping industry, and the industry’s major suppliers and partners. Don Caddy, COO of Engineering Innovation, accepted the award on behalf of the numerous Eii team members who helped create the ground-breaking new LightSort Parcel-Sorting System. 

From the United States Postal Service Customer Awards Program:

This award is presented to customers who have demonstrated creativity by finding new methods to use the mail to drive significant business results and mail growth. They have taken a calculated risk by using the mail in new and innovative ways to help achieve their business objective with successful and quantifiable results. 

USPS AwardEngineering Innovation, Inc., located in Lafayette, IN, specializes in postage saving solutions. Its offering includes letters, flats, and parcel solutions for all size mailers. Engineering Innovation is the creator of the EZ-Flats manifesting system, which simplifies presorting flats for automation discounts. Engineering Innovation designed its latest offering, LightSort, for a customer who wanted to increase throughput and reduce errors when sorting lightweight parcels and poly bags.

LightSort is quick to assemble, intuitive to operate, and is flexible to simplify changing sorting configurations. For operations that have ongoing changes in sorting requirements, customers can move racks easily into different arrangements and bin locations, and instantly re-designate them with new sort plans. LightSort features a wireless ring scanner allowing a hands-free operation that reads barcodes from any angle. To speed up changing out full bags, Engineering Innovation designed LightSort to hold up to 15 bags per location. Through the LightSort Systems low-cost technology, Engineering Innovation has shown that automation doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to create this innovative new product!

Leran more about the LightSort here.

Engineering Innovation Marks 10th Year

9:46am on Tuesday 13th June 2017

Eii’s Innovative Products Help Mailers Achieve Postal Discounts

LAFAYETTE, IN — Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) is excited to be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. Officially formed on September 12, 2006, COO Don Caddy likes to tell the story that they deliberately waited a day to avoid launching on 9-11 for good luck.

The company started with just two employees, Caddy (pictured above right) and Adam Fleming (pictured above left), both of whom had come from the Lafayette-based company MAILCode. MAILcode had moved to Danbury, CT by parent company Pitney Bowes a few months earlier. The two engineers, while having spent most of their careers in mail automation technology, did not want to relocate and determined to utilize their experience right in Lafayette.

Teaming up with Ron Robbin and Ron Welton, who owned a local presort and letter shop, Caddy and Fleming began exploring how they might put some ideas they had to work. ...

To read the rest of this article please visit

Engineering Innovation introduces the modular Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution

3:43pm on Thursday 11th May 2017

Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) showcased its new Chameleon parcel processing solution at the ProMat show in Chicago last month, receiving a strong reception from key decision makers in the logistics and e-commerce fulfilment sectors. Eii is excited to announce that it is also exhibiting the Chameleon at the National Postal Forum in Baltimore, May 21-24.

The modular platform is aptly named the Chameleon because it is designed to adapt to the customer’s environment. “The current logistics market cannot survive the lead time required to provide the custom solutions that they require. With the Chameleon, Eii can meet the demands of individual requirements with the lead times of an off-the-shelf solution,” said COO Don Caddy.

The Chameleon makes automation and productivity enhancement cost effective for rapidly growing parcel processing operations. More than fully adaptable, its portability and workflow flexibility enables it to blend into existing operations, interfacing with OMS, WMS and other business systems to simplify the processing of both incoming and outgoing shipments.

The Chameleon provides customizable options such as barcode reading, OCR, weighting, dimensioning, RFID capabilities, label application and sort speeds to meet your process and budget! Mailing labels feature carrier or Postal barcode, unique piece ID, proprietary sorting/routing codes, and business-specific information.

Key Chameleon capabilities include:

  • Simultaneous weighing, dimensioning, and barcode reading and OCR
  • Multi-purpose OCR reads the address for manifesting, barcoding, tracking, and proof of processing
  • Flexibility to capture address block, barcodes, and weights
  • Scale detects parcel weights up to100 lbs.
  • Sort packages with weights up to 75 lbs.
  • Handles packages as large as 25” x 25” x 36”
  • Process boxes, padded envelopes, or poly bags
  • Speed ranges from 1,000 to 20,000 parcels an hour.
  • Outputs a unique mailing label featuring postal barcode, unique piece ID, proprietary sorting/routing codes, and other business information
  • Apply labels automatically, or manually in exception process

For more information, click here or call 800-350-6450.

Using Lights to Sort with LightSort

11:06am on Friday 7th April 2017

Eii introduced its new LightSort parcel processing solution at the 2016 Parcel Forum and received a strong reception from conference attendees looking for innovative and cost effective solutions for their operations.

LightSort was originally designed for a customer wanting both to increase throughput and reduce errors while sorting lightweight parcels and poly bags for the Postal Service. The customer also wanted a system that was flexible and mobile so that changing sorting configurations was quick and easy.

LightSort accomplishes this with a modular sorting rack that features several bin locations. When a barcode on a package is scanned, the correct bin destination “lights up.” Guesswork is eliminated and sorters can get the package to the right location every time. Any number of racks can be integrated into a sorting system.

The solution’s ease of use begins with quick assembly and intuitive operator training. For operations that have ongoing changes in sorting requirements, racks can be moved around in differing arrangements and bin locations instantly re-designated with new sort plans.

Rearrangement and new sort plans might happen several times a day. Operations that need to sort to a large number of destinations can split the work up into sorting groups. For example, a sorting requirement with 750 locations might be split into three groups of 250 each. This would necessitate only 18 racks vs. 54 of them, considerably reducing floor space requirements.

Changing sort plans is as easy as onboarding a CSV file via flash drive onto the rack controller device, and then scanning a sort plan barcode to determine which plan to activate. In the above example, if the three plans were utilized daily, operators would need only to scan the appropriate sort plan barcode when going to the next group of parcels.

LightSort’s features a wireless ring scanner that’s integral to the solution’s success. It allows for hands-free operation and barcodes can be sorted from any angle. Another key attribute is the organization of bags into the bin locations. Up to ten bags can be preloaded into each bin.  When a bag is full, the operator can quickly unhook it, push it out the back and lift the next one into place.

At the Parcel Forum, Eii was elated when people came up and offered ideas for the solution that they could see in their own operations. Perhaps the most significant one was reversing the workflow entirely and utilizing the system in picking environments for small items. LightPick is now on the drawing board.

With LightSort, Eii has once again shown that throwing more automation at a problem isn’t always the optimal approach, especially if that automation is prohibitively expensive. LightSort leverages low cost technology, giving operators the opportunity to do their job more quickly with greatly reduced error and less stress.

For more information and to see a short video click here

You can also call 800-350-6450, extension 4110, or email

ODMS’ Growth Formula: Hard Work, Great Technology, Good Service

5:11pm on Thursday 15th December 2016

Check out this great article about On Demand Mail Services (ODMS) in the Official Mail Guide written by our very own Clark Cassell. 

Partnership Flourishes

The ODMS/Eii partnership still flourishes today as ODMS has 31 mail processing machines and sorters across its three processing centers – including a dozen Eii machines – which induct over 400 million mail pieces per year of virtually every mail class. From Postcards to Parcels, ODMS relies on companies like Engineering Innovation as valued business partners.

You can bet that when USPS comes up with a new mail class, ODMS and Eii will be on the forefront. Because, even during a troubled economy in a declining industry segment, success can be found with a little hard work, dedication, innovation, and trusted business partnerships.



To read the article in its entirety click here


Pack Expo 2016 is quickly approaching!

5:07pm on Wednesday 26th October 2016

Eii is on the move again! Visit us at Pack Expo International November 6-9, 2016 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Parcel processing is a picnic with Eii! Learn how at our booth at Lower Lakeside Center E-10200 with our all new LightSort sort-to-light parcel system.

Get more information at

Visit Us at Parcel Forum 2016

11:54am on Monday 8th August 2016

Parcel Forum 2016 will be held in Dallas, TX at the Gaylord Texan on September 12-14.  Stop by booth #200 to visit us and see what we have been up to.  Keep an eye on your inbox for a discounted pass invitation!

Get more information about everyone that will be at Parcel Forum here:




Don't Run Out of Labels!

10:04am on Wednesday 13th July 2016

Here’s a tip:  Store a case of labels in the manager’s office.  Then, when the mail room runs out of labels and comes to get the emergency case of labels, you will know it is time to reorder!

For all of your label and tray tag needs, contact Engineering Innovation Customer Support at (765) 250 4100, email us at, or use the Supply Manager software on your machine to order labels.

April 10, 2016 Rate Change

8:04pm on Tuesday 5th April 2016

Be prepared for the upcoming rate change!


View the attached Technical Service Bulletin to be in the know.


April 10, 2016- Rate Change TSB

Windows 10 Upgrade is now available for EZ Flats

11:15am on Thursday 31st March 2016

Please email our support team at for your custom upgrade quote.

New EZ- Parcels MPS to be revealed at NPF 2016

2:43pm on Wednesday 30th March 2016

Engineering Innovation Inc. announces the new EZ-Parcels MPS, Modular Parcel Solutions, will be revealed at the National Postal Forum in Nashville, TN on March 21, 2016.

EZ-Parcels MPS was designed with affordability and flexibility in mind. The EZ-Parcels MPS can feature barcode and OCR reading, weighing, dimensioning, RFID, label application, and comes in a variety of speed ranges to meet the end users’ needs and budget.  This solution can be customized to fit the needs of each company due to the modular design.  EZ- Parcels MPS is ideal for Outbound Processing, Data Capture, Parcel Induct, and Logistics companies.

“The current logistics market cannot survive the lead time required to provide the custom solutions that they require,” said Don Caddy, Chief Operating Officer of Engineering Innovation Inc.  “With the EII EZ- Parcels MPS system, EII can meet the demands of individual requirements with the lead times of an off-the-shelf solution”. 

Specialists in workflow savings solutions for mailers of all sizes, Engineering Innovation Inc. offers solutions for all types of mail including Letters, Flats, and Parcels. EII’s unparalleled flats and work desk parcel solutions begin with the Champ and grow beyond our EZ-Flats sorting system that simplifies parcel data collection and induction of flats and parcels.  

Click here to see the EZ-Parcels MPS Brochure

Updating Billing for the April 10 Rate Case

4:39pm on Monday 28th March 2016

WHOA! Another rate case already?

Get ready for an unprecedented roll back!

The April 10th Rate Case is approaching and we want you to be prepared for the change.

All billing prior to January 16, 2016 needs to be completed prior to April 4th.    A new patch will be rolled out the week of April 4th.  The EII Software can only support ONE rate case in arrears.  EII is recommending that all billing prior tp January 16, 2016 be completed by April 4th.  Billing after January 16, 2016 will not be affected by this update.

The April 10th rate case update will be pushed to all customers the week of April 4th.  It is not necessary to call and schedule a time for this update.  It will be automatic with KACE.  The rates will become active with the rate case on April 10th.  They will download prior to this date so they can activate on April 10th.

We hope this information helps you to prepare for the upcoming rate case. 

Rate case pricing can be found:

EII is Hiring!

12:05pm on Friday 11th March 2016

Engineering Innovation Inc. is currently hiring for two open positions: Software Engineer and Customer Support Technician.  Please see our Careers page for more information on how to join our team.

New 2016 Rate Guide

1:52pm on Friday 15th January 2016

The USPS Rate Change takes effect this weekend. On January 17, the new rates will become active.  Have you ever thought about how much EII could save you? Take a look at our new Rate Guide to find out!

Rate Guide Effective January 17, 2016


Full Service/Umove Postage Assessments to begin in July 2016

8:40am on Tuesday 5th January 2016

Pritha Mehra reported at the November MTAC (Mailers Technical Advisory Committee) meeting that effective July 2016, mailers that fail to meet the established standards on Full-Service Intelligent Mail, Move/Update, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance may be subject to a postage assessment.  This is part of the USPS’ five key initiatives which include streamlining acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings.  Mailers are encouraged to carefully review their Mailer Scorecards to be certain that they are performing within the established standards, well before July 2016.

At EII, we are here to help, if any of our clients find that they are below any of the established thresholds.  Please call 765-250-4104 to learn more about what to look for and to be confident that you’re well prepared for the inevitable implementation of postage assessments.

Holiday Office Closings

9:26am on Thursday 19th November 2015

As a reminder, Engineering Innovation, Inc. offices will be closed on November 26th, December 25th and January 1st to allow our employees to celebrate the holidays with their families. Please contact EII Customer Support if you have any questions.

Have a happy holiday season!

PC Postage Transition

10:57am on Tuesday 17th November 2015

Great News for Champ and EZ-Flats Users

Engineering Innovation, Inc is transitioning from our paper based Mail Manifesting System (MMS) to a full electronic solution, PC Postage, for all of the commercial Package Services classes that we support.  Our first step in this endeavor is in partnership with Endicia to provide a solution for Priority Mail and single piece First Class Package Services. 


There are two parts to the question of why. 

First, as part of the U.S. Postal Service’s efforts to improve network efficiencies and service levels for its competitive products (i.e., parcels), significant changes/requirements will continue for 2016. All USPS commercial parcels, for example, require IMpb compliance, which, effective January, includes uploading DPV or full address data to PostalOne!

One of the challenges that the USPS faces with the pace of this change is keeping the IT systems in sync.  As an example, with paper manifesting, there is a 2- 3 hour timing issue between the USPS’ PTR and PostalOne!.  This results in PostalOne! intermittently not being updated as mailers induct their parcels.   This leads PostalOne! to believe that the data has not been uploaded and then it adds a $0.20 surcharge. 

Second, as a member of the EII parcel network you get access to Priority Mail Commercial Plus and Cubic pricing through the NSA that EII has with the USPS.  In order to continue to enjoy this benefit, the USPS is requiring that we implement an electronic payment method. 

What Does this Mean?

This is the great part.  This means:

  • No more printing out paperwork as the truck is trying to leave the dock.
  • Longer operational windows as you can process pieces right up to the moment your truck leaves for the Post Office.
  • NO MORE ACCEPTANCE PROCEDURES.  Yes, that is right.  With the PC Postage solution you can just drop off the mail and leave. No waiting for clerks, trying to get PostalOne! to cooperate, etc. 
  • And as part of the EII network, you continue to have access to CPP and Cubic rates available from the USPS. 

So What’s the Catch?

Just drop off the mail and go.  That’s too easy.  There must be a catch.  Yes, there is.  You will have to do some work.  You will need to set up an account with Endicia, update your software (we will help), and of course figure out what to do with all that time you have been spending at the BMEU. 

Payment for your mailings requires that you have a direct Endicia account. PC Postage is essentially an electronic or “virtual” meter and requires advance deposit of funds. In the coming days, we will be follow up with specific instructions for setting up an Endicia account. The process is quick and straightforward.

Endicia charges a monthly fee of $34.95 for the account but if you run more than $5,000 Postage on your account in a month the following monthly fee is waived – yes, free.  That means that nearly all our parcel customers will not have to pay an ongoing fee. 


Mail processing on either EZ-Flats or the Champ will remain the same with the exception that either a larger 3” label or two 1.5” labels will need to be produced for each mail piece. If the two label format is utilized, the payment label will need to be affixed in the top right corner; the second label, featuring the IMpb, can be placed directly below or elsewhere on the mail piece if necessary. For EZ-Flats Premium customers running Priority Mail, note that the Automated Label Applicator will not support the PC Postage labeling requirement; a Zebra printer can be added and mounted under the monitor for the PC Postage.


Many EZ-Flats customers currently only process Priority Mail up to 24 ounces, a solution we’ve had in place for years to handle overweight flats. We are pleased to note that we are extending this capability to all weight-based Priority Mail. Moreover, we are excited to announce that all EZ Flats customers will now have direct access to Commercial Plus Priority Mail rates.


The PC Postage solution will be implemented on all Champ customers and any EZ-Flats customers who ship via Priority Mail and First Class Package Services during the month of December prior to Christmas, and must be installed and operational by December 31.  We recognize the importance of production, especially during the busy mailing season.  Hence, we will ensure that the transition to PC Postage is very efficient and reliable.  We are confident, given the proven reliability of PC Postage, that our customers will see the value of this transition from the very first mailing under PC Postage.

Early in 2016 (after we all get through the rate case), we will be rolling out electronic solutions for the other Package Services products we support, so stay tuned. 

We are excited to bring this new solution to you.  This makes submitting mailings a lot easier for you while maintaining the postage savings that you have enjoyed. 

If you have any questions, contact your EII Sales or Support rep and stay tuned for more details to come.  

CASS Cycle N Certification Expiration Date Extended

2:13pm on Monday 2nd November 2015

CASS Cycle N Certification Expiration Date has been extended from July 31, 2016 to July 31, 2018. New certification letters will not be issued. The Products Guide will be updated to show “Certification Valid Thru:  07/31/2018”.

Customers that buy new equipment or move their equipment will need to certify under MASS Cycle N through July 31, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact EII Customer Support at 800-350-6450.

EII on Facebook!

2:09pm on Monday 2nd November 2015

EII is now on Facebook! Check out our page for the latest postal news and happenings.  You can also learn more about the people here at EII.  “Like” our page at

Engineering Innovation Introduces The Super Champ at the National Postal Forum

11:47am on Monday 1st June 2015

LAFAYETTE, IN (May 26, 2015) – Engineering Innovation Inc. showcased The Super Champ mail processing system last week at the National Postal Forum in Anaheim to great acclaim.

Featuring a mobile ring scanner outfitted with OCR (optical character recognition) technology, the solution enables rapid processing for induction of commercial parcels into the Postal system at the lowest possible rates.

In January, the USPS changed the rules for all commercial parcels, mandating the use of the Intelligent Mail Parcel BarcodeTM (IMpb).  Packages must now not only bear an IMpb, but validated address data (destination delivery address or Delivery Point Validated 11-digit ZIP Code) must also be electronically uploaded to Postal One!

This change enhances the Postal Service’s ability to route, track packages and report on parcel deliverability.  However, the mandate has also created difficulties for many mailers. Hardest hit have been companies that traditionally used meters for obtaining Commercial Base rates for their Priority Mail. Many of these mailers are now paying retail rates because alternatives offered to them are extremely time consuming and cumbersome.

The Super Champ enables quick address validation with IMpb compliance by harnessing the power of a mobile ring scanner. This ergonomically friendly ring scanner scans the address on the mail piece and utilizes our world-class OCR to read that address. Packages can now be processed at rates of 500 pieces per hour and more. The tabletop mail manifesting system is IMpb-compliant across the range of USPS Commercial Parcels, handling not only all types of Priority Mail but also First Class Packages, Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, Parcel Select Lightweight and Media/ Library Mail.

For more information, call Engineering Innovation at 800-350-6450 and ask about The Super Champ.
Make sure also to visit

Technical Service Bulletin: IMb Services Update

2:56pm on Thursday 15th January 2015

We at Engineering Innovation, Inc., are dedicated to giving you quality customer support for our products. In order to achieve this high level of service, we hope to provide helpful updates and solutions to our customers through our technical service bulletins. 

This technical service bulletin provides information about the deployment of IMb Services Update: PostalOne! ® Release 40.0. 

PostalOne! ® Release 40.0 will deploy on Sunday, January 25, 2015. 

All Full Service customers must download the new Mail.dat ® client to be able to upload Full Service jobs to USPS. Follow the instructions in the “How to Submit Mail.dat Jobs to PostalOne!” guide. The guide can be downloaded at

Further information can be found on RIBBS/Intelligent Mail Services/Education at

The DMM Advisory keeps you informed about mailing issues that are important to your business. You will find updates to our mailing standards and prices, information about our Web tools, and helpful reminders about mailing issues. To subscribe to the DMM Advisory or send comments and suggestions, please send an email to

Quick Tip: Keep Labels and Tags in Stock

12:56pm on Monday 17th November 2014

Keeping up with your label and tray tag stock is easy when you keep a box of labels and tray tags in the manager’s office or purchasing manager’s office. This will keep the tray tags and labels visible. When you are running out of labels or tags and have to grab that last box, it’ll be easy to remember to trigger a reorder if you have to grab them from the person who makes the order. Ordering labels for overnight delivery is expensive, so taking steps to alleviate that fee is well worth the effort.

To order labels from Eii, contact us at 765.250.4100 or email us at

Dear Champ Customers: Keying First Class Parcels

1:44pm on Monday 29th September 2014

If you own a Champ system, you’ll need to key the full address for the barcodes on First Class Parcels with the latest software patch.   

For more information, please reference the DMM advisories and Postal bulletins that have been released.  


Reference the DMM here.

IMpb Standards

[6-2-14] [1-26-14] All First-Class Package Service parcels must bear an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) prepared under 708.5.0. Mailpieces not meeting the requirements for use of unique Intelligent Mail package barcodes or extra services barcodes as outlined in Publication 199 will be assessed an IMpb noncompliance fee. For details see the RIBBS website at

For more information about The Champ, go here or call your support representative. Happy Mailing!


11-Digit Click Now Required for Certain Classes of Mail

11:52am on Thursday 11th September 2014

Beginning with the rate update for September 2014, the following classes of mail will require an 11-digit click instead of a 5-digit click.

  • Presorted First-Class Parcels
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base (No dim)
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus (No dim)
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus
  • Parcel Select Nonpresort
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus Cubic
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base Regional Box
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus Regional Box
  • Machinable Parcel Select Lightweight
  • Irregular Parcel Select Lightweight


The following classes of mail will continue to use a 5-digit click until January 2015.

  • Nonbarcoded Nonpresorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Barcoded Nonpresorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Standard Mail Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Nonprofit Standard Mail Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Standard Mail Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Nonprofit Standard Mail Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Machinable Marketing Parcels
  • Nonprofit Machinable Marketing Parcels
  • Irregular Marketing Parcels
  • Nonprofit Irregular Marketing Parcels



For more information, please view the Tech Guide provided by the USPS

Dear EZ-Flats Customers: No Meter Necessary!

11:46am on Wednesday 10th September 2014

If you own an EZ-Flats machine, either Essential, Enhanced, or Premium you never need to take your rejected mail pieces to the meter. Simply turn on Single Piece Rejects in the Account Profile Editor to get a permit on the pieces. For more information about EZ-Flats, go here or call your support representative. Happy Mailing!

The Heart, Soul and Guts of the Postal Business

10:18am on Wednesday 3rd September 2014

This article appeared in the PostCom Bulletin, published by the Association of Postal Commerce, on July 11. 2014. They graciously have allowed us to reprint it along with Ursa Major Associates, both of whom we at Eii thank for their work in supporting the Postal Industry. You can view the original article here



The following postal perspective is by Kent Smith, Research Director, Ursa Major Associates/PostalVision 2020. The views represented are that of the authors. Here appears it with permission.


Whatever else the Postal Service is, it is first and foremost a delivery channel. Its operations are built around materials handling, distribution and logistics. Within that framework, it has been very innovative and successful. With so much attention focused on governance – the business model, regulation and legislation – one of the operational wonders of the world is deteriorating for lack of resources even as new technologies are offering exciting new opportunities for postal operations.

Automation, Productivity and Service Performance. A generation ago, postal operations were largely manual and the workforce was heading towards a million. The Postal Service developed a very successful automation program and implemented strategies that steadily improved productivity, along with service performance and customer satisfaction. Postal prices in the U.S. are among the lowest in the developed world.

World-Class Innovation. The Postal Service is the world’s most efficient postal system, as measured by pieces per employee. This is despite the size of the network and the number of deliveries to relatively unpopulated areas. For a long time, the world has come here to investigate the most modern equipment and processes in mail handling, distribution and delivery. The Postal Service innovated in scanning technology and a number of other operating processes. Big, high-tech companies had large postal equipment and technology development programs. Even the vehicles – the celebrated “Long Life Vehicles” that made up the world’s largest delivery fleet – were marvels of the time. The Postal Service continues to operate one of the world’s largest alternative

fuel capable fleet. The Postal Service has been on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly operations. It has worked with its Strategic Supplier’s Council and with its Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee to develop new operating ideas and correct operating problems.

An Open Operating Platform. One of the unsung but most significant innovations has been the Postal Service’s Address Management Program, which created a simple coding system for labeling physical addresses and keeps the addresses current. The Postal Service made this available to all. This includes private sector firms who have created an array of products and services around postal data. It includes competitors who did not have to invest and manage proprietary address systems. It even includes a wide number of beneficial services not related at all to the delivery of mail.

The Postal Service has been the world leader in opening its operating system to mailers and their agents, the mail service providers. Through work sharing discounts and outsourcing a number of functions, the Postal Service has restrained the growth of costs.


If you are interested in more content like this, please visit the PostalVision2020 website

The MAIL Group and Eii: Celebrating 33 Years

10:57am on Tuesday 2nd September 2014

The MAIL Group story begins in 1981 when Ron Robbins, a sales manager with Pitney Bowes, hears that the United States Postal Service is offering postage discounts to service bureaus that sort and commingle First Class letters from various business mailers. 

Launching a company called M.A.I.L., Inc., in Lafayette, Indiana, he secured his first customer, Purdue University, hired some part-time help and began hand sorting letters into 3-and 5-digit groupings. 


To read more from the Mail Magazine article "The Mail Group & EII: Then and Now, Celebrating 33 Years Advancing the Mailing Industry", click here

2014 IRCE Prize Drawing Winner

9:41am on Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) is elated to announce the winner of its IRCE Drone Drawing, Mike Swisher, the E-Commerce Buyer for in Denver , CO.

Eii held a raffle in June at the Internet Retailers Convention and Exhibition in Chicago. The raffle proved quite popular among IRCE attendees who spent four days exploring technology and solutions among more than 800 exhibitors for the rapidly developing e-commerce industry.

Based in Lafayette, Indiana, Eii is the developer of automated decision making solutions for e-commerce. Our solutions help companies improve their ability to respond quickly to demanding customer requirements and expectations. For more information, visit,

2014 IRCE Drone Winner

Identifying Mail Owners Information

12:11pm on Tuesday 19th August 2014

The By/For Relationship          

In October, the By/For information will be changing for any Non-Profit mail.  You will no longer need to track Ghost Permit Numbers.  USPS will be able to identify the mailings by MID/CRID.  Here is some additional info that you might find helpful from RIBBS and Windowbook.

For more information, please visit:

Full Service By/For Document

Identifying Mail Owners Video

MASS Cycle O Cancelled

7:06pm on Thursday 17th July 2014

MASS Cycle O, originally scheduled to be implemented in August 2015, has been cancelled after a review by the USPS. MASS Cycle N standards will continue to be used until further notice. 

Please read the notice from the USPS here

USPS-NCSC-Electronic Product Fulfillment Reminder

1:37pm on Tuesday 8th July 2014

The USPS is requesting that Eii ask their customers to complete the Electronic Product Fulfillment Form as soon as possible. 

Please complete the form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. The form is located at


If you have any questions regarding this Web access request form, please contact Electronic Product Fulfillment at 800-331-5747 or via email at; otherwise mail or fax this completed form with accompanying documentation to: 





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FAX: 901-681-4582

The Eii Blog!

6:45pm on Monday 7th July 2014

Engineering Innovation presents The Eii Blog!

In our blog posts, you'll find information about USPS news and current events, upcoming trade shows and trade show reviews, customer information, and Eii news, events, and product information. Eii is dedicated to improving your experience with our products, and with this end, we hope you enjoy reading the blog posts and are informed by them. 

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Full Service For You

6:45pm on Monday 7th July 2014

Eii believes that Full Service is more than just a new (forthcoming) USPS regulation, but is a vital part of providing value to mail and keeping mail viable as a product. The visibility Full Service provides has enabled the USPS to make unprecedented strides in delivery standards and provides the avenue for further cost reduction that will benefit the entire industry. 

If you are not running on the Eii Full Service Software, please contact Beth Maitlen at Eii to get a quote and appointment for training ( 

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