Chameleon Solutions

Parcel-Processing Automation That Adapts to Your Environment

Chameleon Solutions is the only modular, postal-savvy equipment solution that makes parcel-processing automation cost-effective for rapidly growing pre-sort operations.

Only with Chameleon Solutions can a growing parcel operation affordably initiate an automation line that’s capable of processing postal-delivery parcels--and scale that line up or down with changes in volume, technology or postal regulations--to maximize demand-driven throughput, postage savings and equipment ROI.

Unlike fixed systems, Chameleon™ Solutions is fully adaptable. It provides customizable options including sorting, dimensioning, labeling, barcode reading, OCR reading, and RFID capabilities.

End the frustration of being told to change your environment to accommodate other parcel options. Engineering Innovation’s Chameleon Solutions can be configured to seamlessly blend into your existing operation. Proposed configuration changes are best left to situations where they create efficiencies driven by your needs!

Engineering Innovation’s team of experts are well
acquainted with optimizing the value of our solutions around the client configuration, even in cases that don’t lend themselves to a traditional operational layout.

Key Chameleon Features

  • Ideal for Outbound Processing, Data Capture, Parcel Induct and Logistics companies
  • Simultaneous weighing, dimensioning, and OCR reading
  • Multi-purpose OCR reads the address for manifesting, barcoding, tracking, and proof of processing
  • Flexibility to capture address block, barcodes, and weights
  • Scale detects parcel weights from one oz to 100 lbs
  • Sort packages with weights between 5 to 75 lbs
  • Handles packages as large as 25” x 25” x 36”
  • Process boxes, envelopes, or poly bags
  • Speed ranges from 1,000 to 20,000 parcels an hour.
  • Interfaces with OMS, WMS and other business systems
  • Outputs a unique mailing label featuring postal barcode, unique piece ID, proprietary sorting/routing codes, and other business information
  • Apply labels automatically, or manually in exception process
  • Works in parallel with other Eii machines



  • Conveyor System
  • Best of class OCR and barcode-reading software
  • Dimensioner
  • Parcel Sorting Functionality
  • Light Tunnel
  • Touch Screen Monitor
Engineering Innovation