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Do you Prepare Certified Mail?

When dealing with the high costs of postage and preparing labor for mailing Certified Mail with Return If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, EZ-Confirm has your solution! Do you...

  • Buy expensive forms in an attempt to simplify the process?
  • Buy postage metering options that add marginal benefit?
  • Tough it out and manually fill out the front and back of Form 3800 and Form 3811 (Green Card)?


The EZ-Confirm service offers business mailers a low cost, user-friendly alternative to traditional Accountable Mail services (Certified MailTM, UPSTM Fed Ex® and DHLTM). Using patented technology, and the power of the Internet, EZ-Confirm offers the lowest cost option for proof of delivery in the mailing industry. When you need to track your mail – either by proof of delivery or by signature – EZ-Confirm offers considerable savings of both time and money. Whether you are generating a small accountable mailing or producing thousands of mail pieces, use the EZ-Confirm program to expedite both lightweight Accountable Mail (typically Certified Mail but also First Class Parcels) and any Priority Mail item that requires tracking.

The Savings Say it All

This innovative web-based service provides impressive postage savings over traditional Certified Mail and even more savings over express carrier services such as Fed Ex® or UPS. EZ-Confirm’s online application streamlines the entire mailing process, enabling reduced overhead and enhanced tracking capabilities on all Accountable Mail. There are no forms, no annual subscription fees, no binding long-term contracts to sign, and no hardware or software to purchase.

With EZ-Confirm, mailers process all of their Accountable mail from the desktop. All hand addressing of postal forms is eliminated as the entire front landscape of the Accountable mail piece is generated online with Address Standardization and zip+4 assignment. No more time-consuming green cards to fill out and no more waiting for days or weeks to get them returned. Real-time delivery event information is also accessed online.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two cost components to consider with EZ-Confirm: the cost of purchasing transactions and the cost of postage. When compared to the cost your organization currently pays to send Accountable Mail, you can save up to 50% on your first piece mailed through EZ-Confirm. 

Tracking Capability

Tracking features include complete report generation of all transactions by mailing date and delivery date, with a delivery status for any non-deliverable or delayed deliveries. The auto-signature feature allows printer output of each signature on Postal Service letterhead at a predetermined time daily. Another valuable feature offers delivery statistics which plot problem delivery areas.

Database Application

For large volume applications or for integration into your company database use the EZ-Confirm Database Application. The EZ-Confirm Database Application provides direct benefit to data managers by enabling print-to-mail for thousands of certified/accountable mail pieces (examples: class action lawsuits or county government notices for eminent domain or property assessments). The EZ-Confirm Database application can even manipulate your PDF documents to maintain compatibility with all your in-house applications.

Who Uses EZ-Confirm?

The EZ-Confirm service is ideal for all business mailers requiring proof of mailing and/or proof of delivery on their most critical correspondence. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • State and County Governments
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Collection Agencies
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Banks and Financial Services
  • EZ-Confirm also offers batch-processing for businesses with large volume mailings!


  • Process ParcelPak and Certified Mail™ with Signature and Delivery Confirmation
  • Completely online capability
  • Downloadable desktop application available for integration into your company database
  • Track by multiple criteria
  • View delivery statistics
  • Generate Firmbook documents in a few easy steps
  • Generate address labels with inkjet printer

Program Benefits

  • Web-based application: The application allows multiple users throughout the organization to process from their desktop. Multiple users can be processing at the same time! Customer has complete control over who in their organization has access to the site.
  • No Forms: The EZ-Confirm application utilizes your desktop printer to print your certified mail or delivery/signature confirmation cover sheets on plain paper.
  • Envelopes: Customer can purchase approved USPS Certified Envelopes and the necessary Parcel Pak supplies from you or continue to use their current envelope vendor.
  • Professionalism: The clean, professional look to the EZ-Confirm Certified Mail piece vs. the traditional certified mail piece will be an enhancement to any organization. EZ-Confirm can even put your customers Logo in the return address.
  • No Equipment to Purchase: As a web-based program, no hardware is needed in order for you to take advantage of the EZ-Confirm program.
  • Easy Implementation: With no software to install, customers can be operational in a matter of minutes.
  • Works Anywhere: This web based solution can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Reduce Overhead: Whether processing a single certified mail piece or thousands, EZ-Confirm makes the process simple and easy. With an address book and importing tools that allow an entire database to be uploaded to the web addressing service preparing Certified mail pieces is no longer a hassle. For large mailings a desktop tool is available to link to a database or warehouse management system to automatically generate the mailing sheets or labels. And finally, for closed systems the EZ-Confirm tools will extract the necessary information from the PDF output, insert the Certified barcode, and upload the electronic data.EZ-Confirm takes the hassle out of the preparation of certified mail.
  • Enhance Tracking: EZ-Confirm offers superior mail tracking and data management capabilities. Even though the USPS archives tracking data after 30 days, your mailing information is available for 7 years on EZ-Confirm for future reference.
  • Postage Savings: EZ-Confirm will help reduce your company's postage budget by combining Certified Mail™ with and without Return Receipt (Electronic)™, Delivery Confirmation™, or Signature Confirmation™ with the low cost and reliability of United States Postal Service® First-Class Mail®.

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