The Eii SPA solution reads a barcode that contains a piece ID from a warehouse management system and then passes this information to a customer supplied business logic engine. The customer supplied business logic engine uses the piece ID to determine which carrier will be used to ship the piece, and returns a label form to be printed and routing information for that carrier. 


Simplify your workflow with the DuplexPrint Solution. Use DuplexPrint to print your packing slip and shipping label in one action. 

  • Meet your marketing needs on the label. 
  • Save on materials, decreasing your carbon footprint and costs. 
  • Eliminate open box processing. 


Eii Commerce is about applying technology to get information systems talking while receiving, storing, shipping, and delivering stuff. This solution 

  • Captures what you don't know, combines it with what you do know and creates an output. 
  • Codifies complex business logic into simple operator workflow. 
  • Makes it easy to act on the information you capture to respond quickly to your customers and the market. 

Postal Applications


From the small operation to the large, Eii provides letter processing for a variety of letter solutions. Eii's solutions cover vote by mail, reject processing, usps outgoing, and incoming mail. 


From the small mailer in his garage to the multi-facility, million-piece operation, Engineering Innovation provides a variety of solutions for flats. Discover manifesting mixed weight flats without the cumbersome machinery and complicated process. 


Coupling cutting-edge technology with unique sorting processes, the EZ-WorkDesk and the EZ-Parcels offer practical systems that can grow with your package shipping business. For small operations, the EZ-WorkDesk offers a simple, elegant solution. For larger operations, the EZ-Parcels is customizable and automated. 

Engineering Innovation