Why EII?

From the small mailer in his garage to the multi-facility, million-piece operation, Engineering Innovation provides a variety of solutions for flats. Follow the links to the products below to determine the solution for you, or contact our sales department. All products in the flats solution manifest mixed weight flats without a lot of cumbersome machinery, at a low cost of entry, and using a process that will have your operators up to speed in minutes. 

The USPS DMM reference for flats is located here

The EZ-Flats Essential

The introductory model for the EZ-Flats system, Essential, is geared for daily runs of 500-2000 flats. This version enables mailers with lower flats volumes to achieve high levels of profitability with a low initial capital outlay. As volumes increase, users can directly upgrade to the Enhanced or Premium models, as described below. The Essential solution features best-of-class OCR technology and works with Parascript™ and/or RAF Platinum™. Its server-based configuration enables several EZ-Flats machines to work in parallel for processing higher volumes. The system installs easily in an afternoon and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes. A touch screen monitor provides easy access to both workstation computer and server. The system also includes label printer and barcode scanner for automatic customer chargeback.

EZ-Flats Enhanced

Designed for daily flats volumes in the 2000-4000 range, Enhanced utilizes the same workstation as Essential but adds Engineering Innovation’s patent-pending Dynamic Sort software/sorting technique.  At the heart of the EZ-Flats process is the elimination of secondary passes even when sorting to the 5d level with bundle-based mailings (Note: bundle based mailings achieve much higher discount levels as they only require ten mail pieces to achieve the automated discount level, versus the 90 required for tray-based preparation). Utilizing a patent-pending technology, Dynamic Sort identifies the tenth piece the instant it is read by the OCR and then dynamically reassigns a routing designation for the maximum discount. This greatly reduces the amount of time required to finalize the mailing at the end of the day’s run.  In addition, Dynamic Sort provides a roadmap for correctly packaging the mail to meet USPS requirements.

EZ-Flats Premium

Premium is the EZ-Flats full processing system and is used by mailers with higher daily flats volumes (3000 and up).  Premium ships with the Dynamic Sort software and adds automation with a label applicator, conveyor, and eight automated pockets (expandable for quick kills on higher-volume runs). The system can process at a rate of up to 2000 flats per hour. 

The Champ

The Champ empowers mailers to maximize postage savings on a variety of heavier mail typical to most mailrooms. The manifest mailing system utilizes Engineering Innovation’s exclusive Smart Class Conversion system combined with differential weighing to enable rapid handling of multiple types of mixed-weight mail simultaneously. Smart Class Conversion also situates mailroom staff to uncover postage savings opportunities and simplify mail preparation for Commercial rates. 

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