From the small operation to the large, EII provides letter processing for a variety of letter solutions. Follow the links below to determine the correct solution for you, or contact our sales department to talk to a sales representative. 


The EZ-Letters system may contain many optional solutions including Vote by Mail, Reject Processing, USPS Outgoing, Incoming Mail, Internaltional Mail, and Letter Opening. To reduce footprint, the EZ-Letters has an optional U-Turn and double sided stackers. 

Vote by Mail

The EZ-Letters processing platform is highly scalable. The "out-of-the-box" unit, a mere 3x5 feet, can fit through most doors and into any room. This gives it a versatility over the traditional letter sorters. 

Reject processing

With its best in class OCR technology, EZ-Letters will sort all of the mail your other sorters miss. A small footprint makes it an easy addition to your facility. EZ-Letters features include the optional Weigh on the Fly Scale and HP cartridge-based high-speed printer for printing postal barcodes, indicia, addresses, and sorting codes. Coupled with its manifesting capability, mailers can dramatically lower labor, equipment, and ink costs while combining posting/processing into a single step routine. 

USPS Outgoing

In keeping with its mission to offer the mailing industry affordable solutions that maximize postage savings, Engineering Innovation, Inc. introduces the EZ-Letters solution for 2010. With a throughput of up to 18,000 letters per hour, the multi-functional EZ-Letters system has all the capabilities of larger letter sorters at a fraction of the cost and size. With very low cost of entry and the smallest footprint of any letter sorter on the market, EZ-Letters is designed to deliver immediate efficiencies to small and large mailrooms alike.

Incoming Mail

EII's Advenio Inbound solution utilizes the newest release of the SmartMatch-I advanced address recognition software from RAF, a leading provider of OCR and directory software for the mailing industry. EII's Advenio solution is a simple addition to the EZ-Letters system.

Engineering Innovation