From the small operation to the large, EII provides parcel processing for a variety of solutions. Follow the links below to determine the best solution for you or contact our sales department to talk to a representative. 

IMpb Solution

The USPS now requires the Intelligent Mail package barcode to be placed on all packages, effective January 22, 2012. EII's solutions provide the flexibility to capture the address block, barcodes, and weights. By purchasing EII equipment, you obtain a solution that will be more competetive in the parcel market. Our equipment makes including parcels EZ. 


At a processing speed of 1000 pieces per hour, the EZ-WorkDesk provides parcel processing capabilities with the lowest initial investment. Implementation of one or more units may be your best option and includes affordable future growth options via multiplication. Our sales team will work with you to ensure the EZ-WorkDesk is the right fit for your operation. We are well known for our unrivaled, before and after-sale, customer service support excellence.


With a processing speed of 1000-2000 pieces per hour, the EZ-Parcels offers a solution for rapidly processing parcels and obtaining postage discounts from the USPS. EZ-Parcels was developed by the same team that introduced the revolutionary EZ-Flats system in 2007. EII expanded the platform for processing your larger and heavier mail by building on concepts embedded in EZ-Flats (one-pass process, Dynamic Sort™). Coupling cutting-edge technology with unique sorting processes, we produced a practical system with the lowest cost of entry available on the market today.

Engineering Innovation