SPA vs Postal Applications

The difference between Scan Print Apply (SPA) and postal applications is in the business logic and the information that EII reads from the package. Please contact our sales department to talk about which solution is best for you. 

Scan Print Apply

For SPA, the EII solution reads a barcode that contains a piece ID from a warehouse management system, and then passes this information to a customer supplied business logic engine. That engine uses the piece ID to determine which carrier will be used to ship the piece, and returns a label form to be printed and routing information for that carrier. 

This application is typically used by:

  • Fulfillment
  • Consolidators
  • Mailers
  • Return Package Processors
  • Shippers

Postal Applications

For postal applications, the EII solutions captures address block information (OCR) and customer barcode information from the package, and then passes this to either a customer supplied or EII supplied business logic engine. That engine translates the address logic and postal rules into a postal label based on delivery address, postal class, and drop shipping preferences. 

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