Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

Question: What can EII's support team do to improve your customer satisfaction?

Answer: "Not one thing...by far the best group I have ever dealt with and I am old...I have been calling helpless desks for over 30 years...EII is far and away the best group I have ever been involved with." 

- Andy Phillips, United Business Mail, Minneapolis MN


"I just had to tell you, when I go through my monthly reconciliation process for our operations equipment, your equipment is by far the lowest cost to maintain of all of the equipment we have in our plant. Additionally if I look at the throughput capacity of the EZ-flats machine compared with a relative throughput vs uptime equation, it is fully comparable with our fully equipped MLOCR flat sorter. You have to give credit where credit is due."

- Mike Tickles, On-Demand Mail Services, LLC


"We can’t say enough about the EZ-Flats system and how it has helped us grow our business, expand our processing capabilities, and increase the markets we serve."

- David Rhoa, Lake Michigan Mailers


"We considered presorting flats for several years, but the capital investment was too high for our expected volume. It was not until Engineering Innovation presented the affordable EZ Flats option that we were able to venture into the flats market. On top of the fact that we did not have the upfront equipment expense, Parascript’s technology also allowed us to read both machine printed and handwritten mail pieces. This helped us to increase volume to even further exceed our expectations. The ROI on this equipment is unmatched in our industry. We bought our first machine in 2008 for our Amarillo location, bought a second machine for our Lubbock location in 2010, and expect to buy a third machine for our Midland location this month. It’s revenue that goes straight to the bottom line."

- Scott Coursey, Panhandle Presort Services
Engineering Innovation