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Looking to step up your parcel game? At Engineering Innovation, we’ve got years of postal and parcel expertise to get you started on the right foot. Our dedicated team will help consult, design, and install custom automation based upon your needs as well as provide support throughout the process. If you’re looking to start out with automation, integrate and close gaps in existing automation, or speed up your operations without adding more labor – we have solutions for you!

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Expect to see our smiling team July 13th and 14th at the Engineering Innovation booth (712) during the Parcel Logistics and Delivery Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are more than happy to help you navigate the automation world. Schedule a meeting with us at PFLD, and our team will meet with you to go over your pain points, goals, and other project details you may have. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Featured Products

Chameleon™ Parcel Processing Solution

The Chameleon Parcel-Processing Solution provides modular, tracking savvy parcel automation for any space. Your growing parcel operation can get an affordable automation solution that can shift or change according to volume or market requirements.

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LightSort™ Carton Flow Rack

Efficiently rotate and pick inventory with LightSort™ Carton Flow racksYou can easily handle the intake of goods with bulk sorting capabilities while getting them out faster than they can come in. The process of intaking goods and organizing them will both save time when picking and reduce errors made.

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LightSort™ Gaylord Rack

Based upon the popular LightSort™ Technology, this solution offers affordable parcel automation for sorting to a wide variety of large containers, including gaylords and other pallet-sized options. Bulk sort with ease and reduce overall time spent looking for the right spot. The LightSort™ Gaylord Rack is ideal for large scale sorting and delivery operations such as parcel returns or high quantity intake sorting.

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Explore Additional Products and Solutions

Parcel Automation Solutions

Explore our Parcel Automation Products and Solutions to find out how you can meet increasing demands. We offer a wide range of solutions including automated parcel sorting machines, sort-by-light, pick-to-light, flats and parcel manifesting, as well as modular, customizable, designs for any operation.

Mail Automation Solutions

Our Mail Automation Solutions have a wide range of configurations and features for any size mail processing business. Whether you’re a Presort Mailer, Corporate Mail Center, Presort Service Bureau, or a Mail Service Provider (MSP) Eii has the right solution for you.

Why Choose Eii?

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Affordable Automation

We are dedicated to providing cutting edge products that work for any size fulfillment, returns, and mailing operation.

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Custom Congfigurations

Our engineers will help consult, design, and install custom automation solutions based upon your needs.

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Continued Support

Our excellent customer support representatives and product specialists make sure your business stays up and running.

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