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Blog Posts

Quick Tip: Keep Labels and Tags in Stock

12:56pm on Monday 17th November 2014

Keeping up with your label and tray tag stock is easy when you keep a box of labels and tray tags in the manager’s office or purchasing manager’s office. This will keep the tray tags and labels visible. When you are running out of labels or tags and have to grab that last box, it’ll be easy to remember to trigger a reorder if you have to grab them from the person who makes the order. Ordering labels for overnight delivery is expensive, so taking steps to alleviate that fee is well worth the effort.

To order labels from Eii, contact us at 765.250.4100 or email us at support@eii-online.com

Dear Champ Customers: Keying First Class Parcels

1:44pm on Monday 29th September 2014

If you own a Champ system, you’ll need to key the full address for the barcodes on First Class Parcels with the latest software patch.   

For more information, please reference the DMM advisories and Postal bulletins that have been released.  


Reference the DMM here.

IMpb Standards

[6-2-14] [1-26-14] All First-Class Package Service parcels must bear an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) prepared under 708.5.0. Mailpieces not meeting the requirements for use of unique Intelligent Mail package barcodes or extra services barcodes as outlined in Publication 199 will be assessed an IMpb noncompliance fee. For details see the RIBBS website at https://ribbs.usps.gov

For more information about The Champ, go here or call your support representative. Happy Mailing!


11-Digit Click Now Required for Certain Classes of Mail

11:52am on Thursday 11th September 2014

Beginning with the rate update for September 2014, the following classes of mail will require an 11-digit click instead of a 5-digit click.

  • Presorted First-Class Parcels
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base (No dim)
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus (No dim)
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus
  • Parcel Select Nonpresort
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus Cubic
  • Priority Mail Commercial Base Regional Box
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus Regional Box
  • Machinable Parcel Select Lightweight
  • Irregular Parcel Select Lightweight


The following classes of mail will continue to use a 5-digit click until January 2015.

  • Nonbarcoded Nonpresorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Barcoded Nonpresorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Standard Mail Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Nonprofit Standard Mail Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Standard Mail Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Nonprofit Standard Mail Parcels
  • Machinable Presorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Irregular Presorted Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Machinable Marketing Parcels
  • Nonprofit Machinable Marketing Parcels
  • Irregular Marketing Parcels
  • Nonprofit Irregular Marketing Parcels



For more information, please view the Tech Guide provided by the USPS

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