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Blog Posts

Engineering Innovation Introduces The Super Champ at the National Postal Forum

11:47am on Monday 1st June 2015

LAFAYETTE, IN (May 26, 2015) – Engineering Innovation Inc. showcased The Super Champ mail processing system last week at the National Postal Forum in Anaheim to great acclaim.

Featuring a mobile ring scanner outfitted with OCR (optical character recognition) technology, the solution enables rapid processing for induction of commercial parcels into the Postal system at the lowest possible rates.

In January, the USPS changed the rules for all commercial parcels, mandating the use of the Intelligent Mail Parcel BarcodeTM (IMpb).  Packages must now not only bear an IMpb, but validated address data (destination delivery address or Delivery Point Validated 11-digit ZIP Code) must also be electronically uploaded to Postal One!

This change enhances the Postal Service’s ability to route, track packages and report on parcel deliverability.  However, the mandate has also created difficulties for many mailers. Hardest hit have been companies that traditionally used meters for obtaining Commercial Base rates for their Priority Mail. Many of these mailers are now paying retail rates because alternatives offered to them are extremely time consuming and cumbersome.

The Super Champ enables quick address validation with IMpb compliance by harnessing the power of a mobile ring scanner. This ergonomically friendly ring scanner scans the address on the mail piece and utilizes our world-class OCR to read that address. Packages can now be processed at rates of 500 pieces per hour and more. The tabletop mail manifesting system is IMpb-compliant across the range of USPS Commercial Parcels, handling not only all types of Priority Mail but also First Class Packages, Bound Printed Matter, Parcel Select, Parcel Select Lightweight and Media/ Library Mail.

For more information, call Engineering Innovation at 800-350-6450 and ask about The Super Champ.
Make sure also to visit www.eii-online.com/superchamp

Technical Service Bulletin: IMb Services Update

2:56pm on Thursday 15th January 2015

We at Engineering Innovation, Inc., are dedicated to giving you quality customer support for our products. In order to achieve this high level of service, we hope to provide helpful updates and solutions to our customers through our technical service bulletins. 

This technical service bulletin provides information about the deployment of IMb Services Update: PostalOne! ® Release 40.0. 

PostalOne! ® Release 40.0 will deploy on Sunday, January 25, 2015. 

All Full Service customers must download the new Mail.dat ® client to be able to upload Full Service jobs to USPS. Follow the instructions in the “How to Submit Mail.dat Jobs to PostalOne!” guide. The guide can be downloaded at 

Further information can be found on RIBBS/Intelligent Mail Services/Education at https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=intellmailpresentations

The DMM Advisory keeps you informed about mailing issues that are important to your business. You will find updates to our mailing standards and prices, information about our Web tools, and helpful reminders about mailing issues. To subscribe to the DMM Advisory or send comments and suggestions, please send an email to dmmadvisory@usps.com

Quick Tip: Keep Labels and Tags in Stock

12:56pm on Monday 17th November 2014

Keeping up with your label and tray tag stock is easy when you keep a box of labels and tray tags in the manager’s office or purchasing manager’s office. This will keep the tray tags and labels visible. When you are running out of labels or tags and have to grab that last box, it’ll be easy to remember to trigger a reorder if you have to grab them from the person who makes the order. Ordering labels for overnight delivery is expensive, so taking steps to alleviate that fee is well worth the effort.

To order labels from Eii, contact us at 765.250.4100 or email us at support@eii-online.com

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