EZ-Flats Enhanced


EZ-Flats Enhanced offers a solution for obtaining automation postage discounts from the USPS. Utilizing EII’s patent-pending Dynamic Sort software/sorting technique, which identifies 10th-piece for bundle processing, this solution offers a 50% reduction in finalization time.


This solution allows the operator to sort, manifest, and bill all from one convenient location. The Enhanced works in parallel with other EII machines and products and is directly upgradeable to EZ-Flats Premium. Designed for daily flats volumes in the 2000-4000 range, Enhanced utilizes the same workstation as Essential but adds Engineering Innovation’s patent-pending Dynamic Sort software/sorting technique. At the heart of the EZ-Flats process is the elimination of secondary passes even when sorting to the 5-Digit level with bundle-based mailings (Note: bundle based mailings achieve much higher discount levels as they only require ten mail pieces to achieve the automated discount level, versus the 90 required for tray based preparation). Utilizing a patent-pending technology, Dynamic Sort identifies the tenth piece the instant it is read by the OCR and then dynamically reassigns a routing designation for the maximum discount. This greatly reduces the amount of time required to finalize the mailing at the end of the day’s run. In addition Dynamic Sort provides a roadmap for correctly packaging the mail to meet USPS requirements.


  • Utilizes and server-based configuration to work in parallel with other EII machines and products
  • Sorts inbound mail with our Advenio software
  • Wide Area Barcode Reader available
  • Directly upgrades to EZ-Flats Premium
  • Produces a bundle- or tray-based automated First Class mailing at only a fraction of the cost of traditional flats sorting machines
  • Manifest Mailing Systems (MMS) enables mixed-weight flats to be mailed using a permit indicia
  • Outputs a unique mailing label featuring indicia, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), unique piece ID, endorsement, and proprietary sorting codes
  • Tracks every mail piece to its maximum discount level for easy verification and billing
  • Prepares the USPS Manifest
  • UMove™ available for Move Update compliance
  • Facilitates charge-backs to departmental cost centers
  • Addition of the patent-pending Dynamic Sort™ software/sorting technique which identifies 10th-piece for bundle processing in real time and re-directs sorting
  • A raised label stand for easy labeling
  • Best of class OCR technologies
  • Excellent Imaging
  • Touch Screen
  • Label Printer
  • Tag Printer
  • Barcode Scanner

Manifest Mailings

  • First Class Automation and Non Auto Presort
  • Standard Mail Flats
  • Bound Printed Matter Flats
  • First Class Parcels
  • Priority Mail


  • Eliminate 100% of the equipment wear and tear, ink costs, and labor involved with weighing and metering flat sized mail
  • Track every piece of mail through the processing procedure to its maximum discount level and package placement
  • Create a routing report which summarizes piece counts and package destinations for rapid containerization and labeling
  • Produce a USPS Manifest that includes a unique piece identifier with package, destination, weight, and postage breakdown
  • Quickly access audit documentation which provides complete chargeback detail by cost center – exact billing at the exact qualification level
  • Not restricted by any mechanical specifications for thickness – flats up to 3/4” thick
  • EZ-Flats also processes parcels!

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EZ-Flats Enhanced
with a High Density Metal Sort Face

EZ-Flats Enhanced

Engineering Innovation