The Savings Say it All

In keeping with its mission to offer the mailing industry affordable solutions that maximize postage savings, Engineering Innovation, Inc. (EII) introduced the EZ-Letters solution in 2010. With a throughput of up to 18,000 letters per hour, the multi-functional EZ-Letters system has all the capabilities of larger letter sorters at a fraction of the cost and size. With very low cost of entry and the smallest footprint of any letter sorter on the market, EZ-Letters is designed to deliver immediate efficiencies to small and large mailrooms alike.


Able to handle metered mail, permit mail, and manifest mail, this versatile solution features an OCR that can read letters for Automation discounts, while providing mailers the option to go for MADC through 5-Digit discounts selectively. Processing First Class and Standard mail, EZ-Letters capabilities encompass a broad range of typical business needs, including transactional, office, and promotional mail. In addition, EZ-Letters offers solutions for Incoming Mail, International Mail, Vote by Mail, and can even process Reject Mail from other sorting equipment with its best-of-class imaging/recognition capabilities.

Key EZ-Letters features include the optional Weigh on the Fly Scale and HP cartridge-based high speed printer for printing postal barcodes, indicia, addresses, and sorting codes. Coupled with its manifesting capability, mailers can dramatically lower labor, equipment, and ink costs while combining posting/processing into a single-step routine. Before postage savings, EII estimates this process will bring as much as a 5-cent reduction in per piece mailing costs.

EZ-Letters is available with Parascript OCR which enables reading handwritten pieces and the optional RAF Platinum OCR for best in class performance. EZ-Letters is also outfitted with a Wide Area Bar Code Reader which reads up to five distinct barcodes on the mailpiece for such applications as tracking, proof of processing and populating the Intelligent Mail Barcode. 

The EZ-Letters processing platform is highly scalable. The “out-of-the-box” unit, at a mere 3x5 feet, can fit though most doors and into any room. Single-sided stackers allow the machine to be set up against a wall to fit into the tightest mail room. Double sided sections are now available with the U-Turn and allow for higher volumes and more complex sorting requirements.


  • Automatic feeder
  • Optional weigh-on-the-fly scale
  • Best-in-class OCR technology
  • Utilizes Parascript and/or RAF Platinum software for address recognition
  • HP cartridge high speed printer
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Expandable stacker sections
  • Tray tag printer


  • Intake feeder singulates the mail
  • Weigh-on-the-fly scale for processing mixed-weight mail
  • Multiple stacker configurations
  • Single-sided for small footprint, may be placed against a wall
  • Double-sided
  • Processing Transport measuring only five feet in length
  • Best-in-class OCR for high recognition rates
  • Parascript OCR enables reading of handwritten mail pieces
  • Wide Area Bar Code Reader (WABCR) reads up to 5 barcodes for tracking, proof of processing, and populating IMB
  • Handles mail sizes up to 9” x 12” x ¼” and weight up to 16 ounces
  • Server-based configuration
  • Easily customizable Sort Editor facilitates making rapid changes or setting profiles for special projects
  • Manifest Mail System (MMS) processes mixed-weight mail using a permit indicia
  • Prints postal barcode (Postnet or IMB), indicia, unique piece ID, endorsement, addresses, proprietary sorting codes, and more
  • Tracks mail to its maximum discount level for easy verification and billing
  • Prepares the USPS documentation
  • Billing report specifies charge-backs to departmental cost centers
  • Highly flexible billing system


  • OCR reads and barcodes letters for a minimum 5.8 cent discount
  • Optionally sort for higher discounts
  • Handles: Meter mail, Permit mail, and Manifest mail
  • Processes: First Class, Standard, Incoming, International, and Vote By Mail
  • Capabilities encompass typical business needs: transactional, office, and promotional mail Incoming mail feature with customizable sort profiles automates a cumbersome daily function
  • Processes reject mail from other sorting equipment

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with Weigh-on-the-Fly Scale

EZ-Letters with Scale


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EZ-Letters U-Turn

EZ-Letters U-Turn

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