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EZ-Parcels offers a solution for rapidly processing parcels and obtaining postage discounts from the USPS. EZ-Parcels was developed by the same team that introduced the revolutionary EZ-Flats system in 2007. EII expanded the platform for processing your larger and heavier mail by building on concepts embedded in EZ-Flats (one-pass process, Dynamic Sort™). Coupling cutting-edge technology with unique sorting processes, we produced a practical system with the lowest cost of entry available on the market today.

Take advantage of USPS Cubic parcel rates automatically with the EZ-Parcels system from Engineering Innovation Inc. Combining EII’s expertise for developing low-cost, small footprint mailing solutions and the M.A.I. L. Group’s more than thirty years of experience processing mail, EZ-Parcels delivers a scalable system for processing parcels for all mail classes: single-piece, presort and mixed parcel. Debuting in 2010, this scalable solution is designed for small and large shippers who want to leverage savings afforded by USPS parcel rates and for mail service companies consolidating parcels from several customers. Key features include an incoming conveyor and the ability to weigh, dimension and label on the fly. This Manifest Mailing System eliminates metering requirements while enabling cost-center charge back functionality, optimal for outsourcing and facilities management.


Featuring an intake and outbound conveyor system, 65-pound scale and best-of-class OCR technology which utilizes Parascript™ and/or RAF Platinum™ software for reading addresses and barcoding, EZ-Parcels moves parcels as large as 20” x 20” x 17” for manifested USPS mailings at the rate of 1000-2000 per hour.

A “Dimensioner” sizes up the package at the same time the piece is weighed and read by the OCR and automatically upgrades the parcel to Cubic pricing if more favorable. The software “rate shops” between Commercial Plus and Cubic for best pricing. It then outputs appropriate markings on the manifest labels while inserting correct markings in the postal documentation. The OCR also integrates with the manifesting software and EII’s web-based EZ-Confirm™ service to maximize visibility of the parcel as it moves through the postal system. The scale handles parcels weighing up to 65 pounds but can also detect packages down to one ounce, especially useful for mailers wanting to take advantage of the Postal Service’s highly attractive First Class Parcel rates for packages weighing 1-13 ounces. Automatic conveyors transport the parcel directly to the scale, where it is simultaneously dimensioned, weighed, and OCR-read. The operator then places the parcel on the take-away conveyor to be automatically labeled. This solution allows the operator to sort, manifest, and bill all from one convenient location.


  • Conveyor system
  • 70-pound scale
  • Best of class OCR technology
  • Utilizes Parascript and/or RAF Platinum software for barcoding
  • Dimensioner
  • Hand-held laser scanner
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Automated label applicator
  • Parcel sorting (optional)


  • Intake conveyor feeds parcels to the operator for processing
  • Simultaneous weighing, dimensioning, and OCR reading
  • Multi-purpose OCR reads the address for manifesting, barcoding, tracking, and proof of processing
  • Scale detects parcel weights down to one ounce
  • Handles packages as large as 20” x 20” x 14” and up to 70 lbs
  • OCR integrates with manifesting software and EZ-Confirm to maximize visibility of your parcel as it moves through the postal system (USPS Confirmation Services)
  • Integrates EII’s patent-pending Dynamic SortTM technology that combines sorting with one machine pass
  • Server-based configuration
  • Works in parallel with other EII machines
  • Processes 1000-2000 parcels per hour
  • Manifest Mailing System (MMS) processes mixed-weight parcels using a permit indicia.
  • Outputs a unique mailing label featuring indicia, postal barcode, unique piece ID, and proprietary sorting codes
  • Tracks every mail piece to its maximum discount level for easy verification and billing
  • Prepares the USPS Manifest at the end of the daily run
  • Specifies charge-backs to department cost centers
  • Itemizes every parcel in billing report
  • Highly flexible billing options


  • Software rate shops between Commercial Plus and Cubic to determine lowest possible postage for mailers who qualify
  • Efficiently organizes packaging and containerization for Postal Service verification
  • For lighter-weight and densely-packed parcels, use USPS Commercial Priority and reduce shipping costs associated with independent carriers.
  • Bound Printed Matter can no longer be metered. Manifest it and achieve even greater savings.
  • Minimize your cash outlay by shipping your lightest parcels as First Class Parcels (1-13 oz).

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