LightSort Sorting System

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The LightSortTM Sorting System easily integrates into existing processes using light technology for expedited processing. Our low-cost systems quickly improve accuracy, productivity, and data tracking. The LightSortTM Sorting System is low maintenance, durable, and easy to move for reconfiguration and storage. Quick assembly and intuitive use has operators up to speed in no time so they can efficiently sort or fill orders and track data using the hands-free ring scanner.

Move and reconfigure racks in multiple arrangements as requirements change. Instantly reconfigure bin locations and destinations with new sort plans. Integrate any number of racks into the system to handle a large variety of merchandise, or retrofit existing racks with LightSortTM Technology. Save time by eliminating the need to look for “hard-to-see” locations!

LightSortTM Sort-To-Light

The LightSortTM Sort-to-Light uses a modular sorting rack with easily programmable destinations. Sort lightweight parcels and poly bags in the Sort-to-Light for induction to the U.S. Postal Service.  LightSort TM Sort-to-Light features a wireless ring scanner that’s integral to the solution’s success. It allows for hands-free operation and barcodes can be sorted from any angle. When the sorter scans the package barcode, the correct bin destination lights up. This eliminates guesswork so sorters can get the package to the right location every time. Up to ten bags can be preloaded into each location. When a bag is full, the operator can quickly unhook it, push it out the back or pull it out the front and lift the next one into place.

LightSortTM Pick-To-Light

Bin locations house merchandise that can be quickly retrieved for an order. Pickers scan the order sheet and the closest SKU locations lights up. After the merchandise is pulled, a barcode for the bin location is scanned; the light for that location switches off, and the next location lights up. Use print on demand to label the order when complete. Outfit the racks with dual or triple light displays with different colors to accommodate various workflows and processes.

LightSortTM Put-To-Light

Each bin location represents an order. SKUs retrieved from inventory are scanned into lighted bin locations to complete the order, and operators use print on demand to label orders.



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Eii honored with USPS award at the 2017 National Postal Forum.

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