The Champ

The Savings Say it All

Take advantage of the USPS Commercial Plus and Cubic Priority Mail pricing with The Champ. Building on nearly 30 years of direct mailroom experience, The CHAMP empowers mailers to maximize postage savings on a variety of heavier mail typical to most mailrooms. The manifest mailing system utilizes Engineering Innovation’s exclusive Smart Class Conversion system combined with differential weighing to enable rapid handling of multiple types of mixed-weight mail simultaneously. Smart Class Conversion also situates mailroom staff to uncover postage savings opportunities and simplify mail preparation for Commercial rates.


One of The CHAMP’s most versatile features is its billing capability. Employing cost center barcodes, operators handle departmental mail without having to stop mail processing. In unison with manifesting, the accounting system simplifies corporate mail center operations. The bill back features also enhance facility management and enable outsourcing customer mailrooms.

The CHAMP can be outfitted with any of EII’s presort manifesting capabilities (First Class Flats & Parcels, Standard Class Flats & Parcels, BPM Flats and Parcels), either as a stand-alone workstation or integrated workstation with the EZ-Flats or EZ-Parcels systems. The Commercial CHAMP utilizes keying software for barcoding and is optimal for mailers who need to presort one or more of these mail classes occasionally, or for low volume runs.


The CHAMP automates tracking for First Class Parcels and Priority Mail via its Accountable Mail Package. Working with in conjunction with Engineering Innovation’s portal, mailers manage all of their certified/accountable mailing processes from the desktop, from preparation to tracking. EZ-Confirm eliminates multiple addressing and features enhanced tracking by name, location and internal account/policy numbers.


  • Maximizes postage savings on heavier mail
  • Position mailroom staff to uncover postage savings opportunities
  • Processes mixed-weight and mixed-class mail using permit indicia
  • Facilitates EZ-conversion to Flat Rate Containers
  • Automates entire Certified/Accountable mail preparation, processing and tracking in combination with (Accountable Mail Package)
  • Uniquely identifies each mail piece for easier tracking, verification, and departmental chargeback
  • Promotes facilities management and outsourcing customer mailrooms
  • Handle multiple mail classes simultaneously


  • Mail Processing Workstation
  • Computer
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • 2 Label Printers
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Differential Weighing Scale


  • Eliminates advance postage payment
  • Eliminates wear and tear on mailing equipment with heavier mail
  • Requires no dating or re-dating
  • Elminates printed postage amounts on shipped mail pieces
  • Requires no expensive ink cartridges

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