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Find Postal Savings with Automated Mail Processing

Our Mail Automation Solutions have a wide range of configurations and features for any size mail processing business. Whether you’re a Presort Mailer, Corporate Mail Center, Presort Service Bureau, or a Mail Service Provider (MSP) Eii has the right solution for you. Find discounts with First Class Flats, save more with Bundle-Based Mailing, manifest Mixed-Weight mail, and even utilize automated mail sorting in your operations. We’ve even used our machines to help with payroll and other non-USPS zip code-based mail sorting!

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EZ-Flats Essential

Manifesting System

Affordable Discounts on First Class Flats

Green Line Art Illustration of EZ-Flats Autofeed Mail Sorter

EZ-Flats Autofeed

Manifesting System

Speed Up and Automate Your Savings on Manifest Mailings

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EZ-Flats Enhanced

Manifesting System

Earning Further Discounts with Bundle-Based Mailings

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The Champ

Heavy Weight Mail Processor

Mixed-Weight Manifesting that Empowers Mailers

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Line Art Icon Flats Premium

Ez-Flats Premium

Manifesting System

Earning the Maximum Discounts on First Class Flats

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Sorting Solution

Streamline Your Operation with
Optimized Postage Savings


Our wide variety of modular products provide you with the solutions to grow your business

  • Inbound Sorting

    Reduce the time and effort spent on handling inbound parcels.

  • Vote-by-Mail

    Increase ballot sorting efficiency and maintain integrity for the district.

  • Reject Processing

    Quickly handle packages with damaged or incorrect labeling.

  • Outbound Sorting

    Get orders sorted easily and accurately, while reducing operator-training time.

  • Electronic Verification

    Increase savings by submitting documentation and paying for postage electronically.

  • Analytics

    Immediately interpret package data for labeling, routing, postal documentation, and customer billing.