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EZ-Flats™ Autofeed Manifesting System

Speed Up and Automate Your Savings on Manifest Mailings.

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Engineering Innovation has updated its industry leading flats sorting system to improve throughput for higher volume mail. The new EZ- Flats™ Autofeed machine adds an automatic feeder and weight-on-the-fly scale to the EZ-Flats™ Premium.  The automatic feeding system reduces the strain on the operator while standardizing the average throughput. This raises the speed of flats processing to over 3,000 flats per hour while still taking advantage of all the standard EZ-Flats™ features.  Similar to the EZ-Flats™ Pro, A manual feed section paves the way to process small parcel and Bound Printed Matter, and improvements to the stackers system allows bin counts of over 200 bins.

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Cost Effective

Low entry cost and quick ROI

Highest Profit Potential

Dynamically reassigns routing designations for the maximum discount


The system installs easily and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes


Throughput:   2000 flats/hour

Min/Max Weight:  0.33 oz – 70 lbs.

Piece Height:  0” – 8”

Piece Length:  6” – 15”


Barcode Type:   1D or 2D

Label Application:  Automatic

Certifications:  SGS

OCR:    Yes


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