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EZ-Flats™ Essential Manifesting System

Earning the Maximum Discounts on First Class Flats

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The EZ-Flats Essential is the introductory model for the EZ-Flats system for mailers with lower flats volume to get USPS discounts hastily with a lower initial investment while eliminating the need for multiple passes. This absolutely essential solution identifies the address on the mail piece through the OCR and the operator manually applies the barcoded label. The Essential features best in class OCR technology and works with Parascript™ and/or RAF Platinum™.

EZ-Flats Essential can bust out 500-2000 flats daily, with an hourly rate of 700-1000 flats with 1-2 operators. Eii makes it easy to scale by allowing multiple server-based EZ-Flats machines to work together, and, of course, you can easily upgrade to Enhanced, Premium, or Pro models should your volume increase.

EZ-Flats Essential full view.


Cost Effective

Low entry cost and quick ROI

Highest Profit Potential

Flats are automatically directed to the maximum discount


System installs easily and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes


Throughput: 700 - 1000 flats/hour

Min/Max Weight:  0.33 oz – 70 lbs.

Piece Height:  0” – 8”

Piece Length:  6” – 15”


Scanner:   Handheld or WABCR

Barcode Type:  1D or 2D

Certifications:  SGS

OCR:   Yes


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