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Square machine tunnel with curled Chameleon tail decal, glyph icon.
Chameleon™ Parcel-Processing Solution
Adaptable parcel sorting automation
Cross-Dock Facilities
Distribution Centers
E-Commerce Fulfillment
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Rack with two rows of mail bags, glyph icon.
LightSort™ Sort-To-Light
Eliminate guesswork with quick and easy sorting

Cross-Dock Facilities
Distribution Centers
Reverse Logistics
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Cross-Border E-Commerce

Computer monitor on a desk with two mail sorting bags attached, glyph icon.
EZ-Flats™ Pro Parcel Manifesting System
A cost-effective, scalable way to sort both parcels and flats

Presort Mailers
Corporate Mail Centers
Presort Service Bureaus
Mail Service Providers

Computer monitor mounted on a work desk with a label printer and barcode scanner, glyph icon.
EZ-Workdesk™ Rapid Parcel Processor
A simple, cost-effective solution for processing mixed weight and mixed mail classes

Cross-Dock Facilities
Distribution Centers
E-Commerce Fulfillment
Reverse Logistics
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)



Get parcels sent to the right carriers with ease and accuracy.

Reverse Logistics

Reduce the cost of returns processing with easy and cost-effective automation. 

Inbound Sorting

Reduce the time and effort spent on handling inbound parcels.

Reject Processing

Quickly handle packages with damaged or incorrect labeling.


Capture weights and dimensions on the fly and get the best shipping rate.

Scan, Print, Apply

Automate scanning, printing, and applying labels to parcels.


Prepare parcels for USPS and international shipping consolidators.


Processing parcels and getting them ready for delivery has never been easier!

Cross Border 

Expedite US freight destined for international markets.

Postal Applications

Translate address logic and postal rules into postal labels.


Immediately interpret package data for labeling, routing, postal documentation, and customer billing.


Capture parcel dimensions at lightning speed for quick fulfillment.

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