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We design custom parcel automation to best serve your business.

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Our wide variety of modular products provide you with the solutions to grow your business

  • Routing

    Get parcels sent to the right carriers with ease and accuracy. 

  • Reverse Logistics

    Reduce the cost of returns processing with easy and cost-effective automation. 

  • Inbound Sorting

    Reduce the time and effort spent on handling inbound parcels.

  • Reject Processing

    Quickly handle packages with damaged or incorrect labeling.

  • Shipping

    Capture weights and dimensions on the fly and get the best shipping rate.

  • Scan, Print, Apply

    Automate scanning, printing, and applying labels to parcels.

  • International

    Prepare parcels for USPS and international shipping consolidators.

  • Fulfillment

    Processing parcels and getting them ready for delivery has never been easier!

  • Cross Border

    Expedite US freight destined for international markets.

  • Postal Applications

    Translate address logic and postal rules into postal labels.

  • Analytics

    Immediately interpret package data for labeling, routing, postal documentation, and customer billing.

  • Dimensioning

    Capture parcel dimensions at lightning speed for quick fulfillment.

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