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EZ-Flats™ Pro Parcel Manifesting System

Expanding Your Savings with Parcel Manifesting.

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The EZ-Flats system isn't just for sorting flats anymore. Eii now offers the EZ-Flats ™ Pro. Combining the functionality of the EZ-Flats ™ Premium with The Champ ™ Mail Processor, sorting parcels is even more affordable than ever. The EZ-Flats Pro allows you to expedite your mailings and track their progress using Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD).

This system obtains the highest automation discounts with a revolutionary sorting methodology for processing packages with a single pass. Expanding on EZ-Flats ™ Premium, it joins automation with a label applicator and conveyor with the ability to sort into postal bags. With this system, you can sort, manifest, and bill parcels up to 8" in height with a single machine. 

You can upgrade to the EZ-Flats ™ Pro from other EZ-Flats systems, and it's compatible with other Eii equipment.

Full view of the EZ-Flats Pro with mail bags attached.


Cost Effective

Low start-up and overhead costs


Ideal for sorting both Flats and Parcels


Easily configurable to space and workload requirements



Min/Max Weight:   0.33 oz – 70 lbs

Piece Height: 0” – 8”

Piece Length:  6” – 15”

Width: 12”


Scanner: Handheld or WABCR

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Label Application:  Automatic

OCR:   Yes


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