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LightSort™ Sort-to-Light System

Automate your Sorting Technology for Shipping & Fulfillment.

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Experience the convenience of Engineering Innovation’s LightSort Sorting Systems. This low-cost and easily configurable technology makes parcel sorting a quick and easy task.

This parcel sorting solution requires minimal training and uses a hands-free ring scanner that will cause the correct bin to light up when you scan the barcode on each package. The intuitive LightSort process enables efficient sorting that reduces the risk of mistakes while it saves time preventing the need to match labels to bins manually.

Move and reconfigure the racks and bins however you need to and as your needs change. You can even retrofit existing racks with LightSort technology for maximum convenience and minimal invasiveness on your current configuration.

LightSort, logotype.
Black metal LightSort rack with a hand scanner, interface, wheels, and fifteen sort location bags with one lit up with a red L.E.D.


Circle target with an arrow shot into the middle, flat icon.

Improved Accuracy

Eliminates guesswork so sorters can get the package to the right location every time.

Two packages with barcodes, flat icon.


Customize the features needed for your business and leave out unnecessary add-ons

Checklist with green check marks, flat icon.


Quick assembly and intuitive use has operators up to speed in no time.


Throughput: 700/hour

Footprint Dimensions: L: 108" x W: 32" x H: 72"

Scanner: Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Barcode Type: 1D

Label Application: Manual

Printer: Zebra

Power: 120VAC

Number Sorting Qty: 15-45