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Patent Awarded for Revolutionary Mail Sorting Technology

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Engineering Innovation is excited to announce our newly awarded patent for our revolutionary Dynamic Sort mail sorting process. First introduced in 2007, this technology dynamically sorts flats to large numbers of destinations in a single pass. This enhanced Automation mail sorting process significantly reduces the time and cost associated with sorting and processing flats. Innovative…

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Updating Billing For The April 10 Rate Case

WHOA! Another rate case already? Get ready for an unprecedented roll back! The April 10th Rate Case is approaching and we want you to be prepared for the change. All billing prior to January 16, 2016 needs to be completed prior to April 4th.    A new patch will be rolled out the week of April 4th.  The…

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EII Is Hiring!

Engineering Innovation Inc. is currently hiring for two open positions: Software Engineer and Customer Support Technician.  Please see our Careers page for more information on how to join our team.

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Dear Champ Customers: Keying First Class Parcels

If you own a Champ system, you’ll need to key the full address for the barcodes on First Class Parcels with the latest software patch. For more information, please reference the DMM advisories and Postal bulletins that have been released. Reference the DMM here. IMpb Standards [6-2-14] [1-26-14] All First-Class Package Service parcels must bear an…

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Full Service For You

Eii believes that Full Service is more than just a new (forthcoming) USPS regulation, but is a vital part of providing value to mail and keeping mail viable as a product. The visibility Full Service provides has enabled the USPS to make unprecedented strides in delivery standards and provides the avenue for further cost reduction…

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