PC Postage

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this affect my First Class, Standard, and BPM flats jobs?

No, in fact, it only affects Priority Mail and Single Piece FC Packages.

2. Can I use my Endicia account?

No, Endicia is giving us a specific association to do Commercial Plus and Cubic rates.

3. Can I use another 3rd party solution? (Stamps.com, etc.)

No, EII only has an interface to talk to Endicia. There is no movement towards another solution at this time.

4. Do I have to print two labels?

There is about 3 inches of data that needs to be on these labels. You can choose to use either one 3” label or two 1.5” or 2” labels. Most parcel customers are already using the 4”x 2” labels that fit the Permit and IMpb info on one, but now the system will require two of those. They can also use two 1.5” labels as well. This method does NOT work on a Premium applicator. Premium users will have to use a secondary Zebra Printer and hand apply the labels.

5. Can I pre-print the postage or barcode label and apply it before running?

Both labels contain unique data therefore, nothing can be pre-printed and applied before the pass.

6. What else is Endicia handling other than Postage?

The EII software only cares about postage, though Endicia offers other services such as tracking and refunds for labels not used or shipped. Their refund program has a cost associated with it so you should examine that process before making a decision to use it. It is a very helpful tool if operators are messing up a lot of labels.

7. Can I reprint a label if I mess one up?

Yes, the functionality in the Champ supports reprinting a label if need be and it will work on damaged or poorly printed labels. If you are “Re-Scanning” a piece that has a good label for weight correction or what not, you will create a new label pulling more postage. The old label will automatically have a refund request submitted.

8. I don’t want to do this, can I keep doing my mail the old way?

No, not for your Priority mail and SGLP FC Packages.

9. What happens to pieces with illegible/unverifiable/incomplete addresses?

First Class Parcels will get the appropriate single piece postage plus surcharge applied with an Endicia Postage Stamp. PM pieces with a valid 5-digit zip will get the appropriate postage plus surcharge applied with an Endicia Postage Stamp.

10. Can I use my CAPS account to pay for my Endicia postage?

No, your CAPS account is a centralized account managed by the USPS and cannot be used to pay for anything other than internally incurred USPS transactions.

11. How does running Priority Mail and Single Piece FC Packages change on my EZ-Flats Premium?

You will have to process these classes of mail a little differently.  The new table-top printer will now print the permit label/tracking label.  The applicator on the premium machine is not capable of applying a 3” label or two of the 4”x1.5” or 4”x2” labels.  

The permit label should be affixed to the top right corner of the piece.  The tracking label can be applied underneath the permit label or where the operator has been instructed to place the label.

After applying the labels, the operator can move the mail piece from the scale to the rollers and it will be sorted to the correct location.


For customers running Priority Mail on their EZ-Flats Premium Machines, the Premium Machine PC Postage Package must be purchased and installed.

The Premium Machine PC Postage Package includes  table top printer, shelf, and necessary accessories.  The package is priced at $820 ($995 with a case of labels).

EZ-Flats Premium


EII EZ-Flats Printer Shelf

Labels must be purchased for both the EZ-Flats Essential and the EZ-Flats Premium Machine. One case of 4"x3" labels is priced at $175.

For additional information, please contact EII Customer Support or Sales.


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