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Engineering Innovation

Archive for July 2014

MASS Cycle O Cancelled

MASS Cycle O, originally scheduled to be implemented in August 2015, has been cancelled after a review by the USPS. MASS Cycle N standards will continue to be used until further notice. Please read the notice from the USPS here.

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USPS-NCSC-Electronic Product Fulfillment Reminder

The USPS is requesting that Eii ask their customers to complete the Electronic Product Fulfillment Form as soon as possible. Please complete the form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. The form is located at Instructions: If you have any questions regarding this Web access request form, please contact Electronic…

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Full Service For You

Eii believes that Full Service is more than just a new (forthcoming) USPS regulation, but is a vital part of providing value to mail and keeping mail viable as a product. The visibility Full Service provides has enabled the USPS to make unprecedented strides in delivery standards and provides the avenue for further cost reduction…

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The Eii Blog!

Engineering Innovation presents The Eii Blog! In our blog posts, you’ll find information about USPS news and current events, upcoming trade shows and trade show reviews, customer information, and Eii news, events, and product information. Eii is dedicated to improving your experience with our products, and with this end, we hope you enjoy reading the…

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